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Current Partners

The following individuals have made contributions to The Fund directly or through its annual Silent Auction.

Carmen Alverio
Debbie Amini
Mary Arnold
Sarah Becker
Jerry Bentley
Teri Black
Suzanne Bowman
Ann Burkhardt
Amelia Calderone
Nancy Carlson
William Caruso
Carla Chase
Denise Chisholm
Elizabeth Ciaravino
Mary Lou Collier
Bonnie Danley
Anne Dickerson
Nancy Dinsmore
Chris Doody
Margot Elacqua
Melanie Ellexson
Pamela Evans
Sherlyn Fenton
Abbey Fortess
Frank Gainer
Joanne Gallagher
Heather Gallew
Cathe Gordon
Christina Griffin
Yvette Hachtel
Deena Hicks
Robbin Hill-Bowers
Sue Hussey
Monalisa Jones
Pamela Kasyan-Itzkowitz
Steven D. Kline

Barbara Kornblau
Brenda Koverman
Della Krochta
Ellen Lindsay
E. Lipshutz
Ferol Ludwig

Aimee Luebben
Rosemary Lysaght
Mary Malone
Anne Markotic
Signian McGeary
Wendy Mears
Deborah Michaels
Georganna Miller
Derba Mills
Christy Morgan
Kimberly Morris
Jennifer Murphy
Nancy Nashiro
Dianne Nechiporenko
Ann Neckers
Jane Oglesby
Ruth Ramsey
Maggie Reitz
Laurie Renke
Leslie Roundtree
Charlotte Royeen
Ellen Sauer
Karol Scher
Sara Schmidt
Judith Schoonover
Sherry Scott
Tina Shadley
Karen Sladyk
Vicki Smith
Jeanine Stancanelli
Joy Standbrook
Virginia Stoffel
Christine Tauber
Eve Taylor
Joe Tirella
Virginia Tully
Shirley Wells
Karen Willenbring
Joyce Woods
Lisa Zoldan

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