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AOTA and Rebuilding Together
Background Information

Each April, the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) and Rebuilding Together will partner to provide volunteer services to repair and rebuild homes and to educate the public on ways that occupational therapy practitioners address individuals' needs for independent living. Rebuilding Together is a national organization that preserves and revitalizes houses and communities through more than 250 local affiliates. More than 73,000 homes have been repaired and rehabilitated by volunteers. AOTA and Rebuilding Together work toward mutual goals of raising visibility, actively participating in communities, and promoting home safety and independence.

Rebuilding Together's National Rebuilding Day, the last Saturday in April, is when volunteers will repair and rebuild on behalf of low-income homeowners, particularly the elderly and disabled. Additionally, occupational therapy practitioners and students across the country volunteer on National Rebuilding Day to do home repairs and to consult on home safety and modification related to the effects of aging and disability.

For OT Month, AOTA will, as in past years, have an array of products for sale that can be used to celebrate and promote the occupational therapy profession.

AOTA Goals for partnering with Rebuilding Together:

  • Increase public awareness of home modification to address the needs of older people and people with disabilities.
  • Broaden public awareness of the role that occupational therapy practitioners play in helping older individuals participate more fully in their lives.
  • Build stronger foundations for partnerships with referral organizations, community groups, and corporations.

Benefits of involvement in National Rebuilding Day:

For Practitioners

  • Increased public awareness of occupational therapy practitioners as valued resources within their communities for helping older individuals participate more fully in their lives
  • Enables practitioners to see and feel firsthand the value and impact of their chosen profession on the lives of people in their communities
  • Increased opportunities for community organizations (e.g., area agencies on aging) to recognize and utilize the skills of occupational therapy practitioners
  • Increased potential for expanded practice opportunities

For Students of Occupational Therapy

  • Exposure to community-based organizations (Rebuilding Together affiliates)
  • Practical application of new-found knowledge in aging, disability, accessibility, and home modification
  • Hands-on experience in an emerging practice area
  • Fieldwork experience


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